About Us

About Us

PrePaidMeters4U specialises in the installation and management of prepayment submetering. The company's aim is to provide a complete prepayment solution which ensures accessibility to our systems and allow the customer to be in control of the service being provided.

Our main focus is customer service and customer satisfaction.

Our wide range of prepaid electricity meters offers both a metering and vending solution in one, making it a cost-effective and easy-to-use prepaid electricity solution.

PrePaidMeters4U is focused on the management and delivery of prepayment solutions for two market segments:

Submeter Market – Privately managed prepayment utilities for landlords, managing agents, body corporates, sectional title properties and all sub-metering circumstances.

PrePaidMeters4U is a leading provider of prepaid submetering solution. Our prepayment meters system enables the management and vending to prepaid submeters on an online environment. We provide the ability to recharge your prepaid meters from numerous vending point including online, retail stores and local garages.

Our submetering metering solution includes the prepaid submeter, online vending option and online reporting and which is ideal for use within in a wide range of real estate including: residential(buy-to-let) properties, granny flats, multiple tenant dwellings, body corporates, retail and office parks, property developments, staff accommodation, hospitality accommodation, rental estate agents and sports facilities. read more...

Mainmeter Market – City of Tshwane Municipality

We assist our clients living in the City of Tshwane with the ability to move from a conventional post-paid system, whereby the owner/client receives a monthly utility bill, to the prepayment option of a main prepaid meter. The main prepaid meter replaces the conventional meter to ensure the client is in complete control of their electricity usage. read more...