Mainmeters FAQ

Mainmeters FAQ

What is the current rate per unit in the Tshwane Municipality?

The rate is based on a sliding scale (inclining block tariff) which is can be found on our Tshwane Tariffs page.

Where can I purchase the electricity vouchers from?

You can purchase vouchers from our website by registering at Prepaid24Xpress or any vendor that supplied the electricity vouchers: Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar or Petrol Garages.

Does the electricity cost more than normal electricity?

The cost for prepaid electricity is on the same scale and tariff as the standard billed electricity.

Is there a saving on the monthly bill when using prepaid electricity?

The cost of the electricity is the same, but you will be in control of your usage and will not receive any surprises when it comes to the monthly billing. You can monitor and manage your usage according to your lifestyle.

How often should I purchase electricity vouchers?

The purchasing of the vouchers is entirely up to you, you have no set limit of how much you are allowed to purchase. But, the electricity tariff is on a sliding scale, which means it is better not to buy electricity in bulk, otherwise you will not have the benefit of the lower end of the tariff scale when purchasing on a month by month basis.

Do I need to keep the prepaid keypad plugged in when I want to recharge (top-up) my electricity?

You will always need to keep the prepaid keypad plugged in to recharge with vouchers or view the live monitor.

If my prepaid meter shows that I have electricity units left, but the electricity is off, what is wrong?

Check if the electricity is on in the area, because this might be a problem with the electricity supply to the house and not the prepaid meter.

I am unable to load the prepaid voucher on the prepaid meter?

If the meter is plugged in and the electricity is off and the keypad is showing “Failed”, then you will need to plug the prepaid keypad into a live power source, at the neighbours, to recharge the prepaid meter with the voucher.

Important: Always ensure your electricity is not low on credit.

How far can you have the prepaid keypad from the prepaid main meter?

The keypad can be moved up to 150 meters from the main prepaid meter but will always need to be plugged when recharging with vouchers.

What do I need to apply for a prepaid meter?

  • A copy of your ID document
  • A copy of your latest electricity bills
  • A copy of your latest electricity bill payment slip
  • Consent Letter (click here to download)

These documents can be emailed to sales@prepaidmeters4u.co.za or faxed to 086 263 0431.

How long will it take before the prepaid meter is installed?

Once we have received the required documentation, the process will be completed between 1 – 4 weeks.

How long will it take to install the prepaid meter?

The prepaid meter installation itself only takes around 15 minutes. Your electricity will be switched off for the duration of the installation.