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- Intech HXE12

Intech HXE12

Intech HXE12

HXE12 Split Prepayment Meter

HXE 12 single phase electronic meters are designed for measurement of electric energy in residential and commercial customers for single phase two wire or single phase three wire networks. The meters comply with the IEC 62052-11 & 62053-21 standard for accuracy class 1 or 2. Theses meters have excellent anti-tamper features.

Metering Functionality

The split prepayment meter consists of two parts, the meter and the customer interface unit.

Communication between the meter and the customer interface unit is by means of Power Line Carrier communication, using existing household wiring. No additional communication wires are required.

The customer interface unit is a compact unit with a user-friendly keypad and display. It may be installed in any convenient location in the consumer’s home where there is an electrical socket outlet.

The prepayment meter contains all critical metering, number decryption and load control functionality. It operates independently and is immune to any form of tampering on the customer interface unit.

The meter is usually installed in a secure, locked enclosure, typically a pavement kiosk or pole-mounted equivalent. It is outside the consumer’s home to facilitate easy inspection by the utility at any time and to reduce the opportunity of fraud by tampering.

Optical Interface

The Intech Split meter has an IEC 62056-21 compliant optical communications port. This allows the utility to access a variety of information stored inside the meter using an optical pick-up.

Tamper Detection

The split configuration of the Intech Split meters significantly reduces the risk of tampering, especially considering that the meter is installed in a remote, secure location. The meter is also mechanically sealed against tampering through the use of a factory-sealed screw plugs on the rear of the meter, and a utility-sealed wire seal on the front of the meter. The use of these mechanical seals ensures that there are visible signs of tampering if unauthorised entry is attempted.