Cashpower Jade

Cashpower Jade

Socket-connected split prepayment meter adhering to ANSI standard

The Cashpower Jade is a compact socket-connected, single phase, split prepayment meter specifically developed for countries that adhere to the American ANSI standard for socket-connected meters. It is easy to install and ideal for new reticulation as well as retrofitting of existing socket-type meters.

Cashpower Jade is available in a variety of formats such as Forms 1S, 2S and 12S. It is a direct replacement for existing socket meters and only requires the additional connection of a pair of communications wires for the customer interface unit.

This communications interface is a low-voltage, non-polarised and galvanically isolated circuit that can be installed in any convenient location in the consumer's residence. A maximum distance of 130 metres between the customer interface unit and the meter is achievable.

Split Meter Concept

The Jade meter comprises two parts:

  • the prepayment meter; and
  • the customer interface unit.

The prepayment meter contains all critical functions such metering, token decryption and load control functionality. It has a two-wire communications interface to the remotely located customer interface unit, operates independently and is immune to any form of tampering on the interface unit.

The meter is usually installed outside the consumer’s premises to facilitate easy inspection by utility staff and to reduce the possibility of fraud by tampering. The meter is provided with its own local display for viewing important meter parameters.

The customer interface is effectively a remote extension of the meter. It comprises a 12-key keypad for the entry of prepayment voucher numbers and accessing of various management functions, as well as a display for accessing parameters such as remaining credit and various meter status functions. The customer interface can be mounted in any convenient location inside the consumer’s residence.

User-friendly customer interface

User interaction with the meter and access to meter information (such as a low credit warning, energy consumption and load contactor status) is available using the customer interface keypad and display. The customer interface unit makes use of clear, language-independent icons.

In addition, various audible tones are sounded under different conditions (e.g. Low Credit Alarm).

Meter status and diagnostic indicators

The meter is typically programmed to permanently display the ‘total kWh consumed’, to cater for any manual meter-reading requirements by the utility. The dedicated display icons provide a clear indication of meter status e.g. “out of credit’. This allows a technician to view the state of the meter without the need for specialised interrogation tools or having to gain access to the consumer’s premises.

A ‘rate of consumption’ LED provides a quick visual indication of the magnitude of the consumer’s load as well as a reference for verifying meter accuracy.

A dedicated diagnostics LED on the meter gives a visual indication of any communications fault between the meter and the customer interface unit.

Optical interface

The Jade meter is provided with an IEC 62056-21 compliant optical communications port. This allows the utility to access a variety of information stored inside the meter.

Anti-tamper detection features

The split configuration of the Jade meter significantly reduces the risk of tampering. The meter is typically installed outside the household so that it can be inspected by the utility at any time and is mechanically sealed to the socket as part of the installation. It is not possible to tamper with the meter via the customer interface unit.

The Jade meter also has a feature allowing detection of Significant Reverse Energy. If the line and load wires are swapped during installation, the meter will continue to operate and decrement credit but can be factory programmed to tamper and disconnect the load should significant reverse energy be detected. This feature is not enabled on the 12S variant of the Cashpower Jade.

Surge protection

The meter has been designed to have a surge voltage withstand that significantly exceeds the requirements of ANSI C12-1.

Communication line protection

The communications interface can withstand voltage surges of 6kV, however, it is recommended that one of the communication lines be earthed at the meter for additional protection.